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Outdoor decorative light helps to add beautiful artistic elements to your home or landscape rather than simply working as a lighting tool. Yongxin offers many types of outdoor lighting designs. From architectural lighting and landscape lighting for increasing safety and aesthetics at home, to illuminating outdoor living spaces to maximize enjoyment. We are able to mass produce lighting products according to clients’ drawings or samples.

Our Advantages
a. The unique light design adds artistry and beauty to your home or outdoor landscape
b. Clients will have multiple options on the lights’ material during the customization
c. The performance and function of the custom light can be the same as that of the standard products or be superior

Service Procedures
a.Pre-sale: we offer customers some practical suggestions on exterior design, function setting, and installation. The production cycle will be no more than 1 month.
b. The sales staff will communicate with customers and know their intention, order quantity, and budget. Basing on the drawings and samples clients have provided, we will know the detail information about their requirements.
c.The engineering department will make sample according to customers’ requirements, and then account the cost and offer the quotation.
d. Clients are required to sign a signature and send the sample back if they are satisfied with it.
e.After clients have finally decided to buy lights from us, we will sign a procurement contract with them. 30% payment is required in advance as deposit.
f.Our sales staff will place an order according to the contract and send it to the finance department and manager for check. After being confirmed, the order will be put into production.
g. Once the production is done, we will inform clients of that and ask them to pay the balance.
h. The business unit will make the invoice and ask the warehouse department to ship after receiving a confirmation from the finance department.
i. After the initial sale is done, the salesmen will visit our customers regularly to collect their feedback and know their further requirements.

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