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Production Lines

Surface Mount Line
We have established 3 independent lines: electronic device production line, electric component production line, and electronic assembly line. Our SMT line employs a fully-enclosed operating environment and workers have to pass an air shower system before entering the workshop.

In the surface mount line, we adopt high-precision printer to coat plaster or SMT adhesive onto the accessories of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to fix the electronic components. JUKI100 surface mount machines are imported from Japan to realize high accuracy and little error rate. In the electronic component production line, workers have to wear anti-static wrist strap or other devices to prevent the static electricity. Electronic devices are welded with wave soldering machine.

  • SMT line

  • High-precision printer

  • Surface mount machine

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Our commitment to quality is reflected in each step of the whole production process. We commit that our PCBs have been strictly inspected to avoid the problems of component missing, tilt, or open solder.

  • Printing SMT adhesive

  • Semi-finished PCBs

  • Tested PCBs

Electronic Assembly Line
We have an assembly line to join different electronic parts together and enable them with induction control function. For the sensing unit, we adopt only the imported elements. A performance test is required to ensure the sensing effect. This electronic assembly line is able to finish 2500 sets of electronic devices every day.

  • Anti-static wrist strap

  • Wave soldering machine

  • Wave soldering for PCBs

  • Performance test for PCBs

  • Performance test

Stamping treatment is a major process in producing lamps. The metal parts of our light products are sheared and machined in the stamping workshop, which supports an annual production capacity of 600 thousand sets. The raw materials are from trustworthy steel suppliers in Korea.

  • High-quality steel from Korea

  • Sheared steel sheets

  • Stamping equipment

Surface Treatment
In the welding workshop, we get semi-finished lamps after the welding process. To achieve better surface result, some of the parts have to be further polished. The spraying department will coat the lamps with powder so they are more beautiful and won’t get rusted even in outdoor applications.

  • Polishing treatment for lamps

A final assembly line is set before the packaging process to finish the product. Its monthly capacity is 60 thousand sets. To ensure zero leakage, we will conduct a high-pressure test for the finished products. A user manual as well as some accessories is packed into the boxes along with the lamp so users can replace the broken parts or repair the lamp themselves.

  • Assembly area

  • Packaging area

  • High-quality packaging boxes

  • Packed lamps


We have 3 storing regions separately for electronic accessories, semi-finished products and finished products. All of the electronic accessories have been tested to reach a high quality degree. Those qualified components like lamp bracket are stored in the semi-finished parts warehouse. In the warehouse for finished product, the outdoor lamps, security lights, and LED lights are stored in an orderly manner.

  • Electronic component warehouse

  • Electronic accessories in line with RoHS standards

  • Warehouse for finished products