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Custom Security Light

LED Security Spotlight, Outdoor Security Lighting, Custom Outdoor Lighting, LED Floodlight, Motion Sensing Light

Security spotlight is a reliable and eco-friendly solution for ensuring light and security around house, garage, shed or garden. Our security light is easy to install: it takes less than 10 minutes to be built up without the trouble of electrical wiring and complex assembly.

Security light can also be angled in different directions, enabling users to illuminate any targeted area. Both wall-mounted and eave-mounted types are available.

However, spotlight also has its disadvantages: its price is relatively high while the light is not that enough bright. It is useful when you are fumbling for your keys but may fail when a large lighting area is needed.

a. Attractive design
b. Weather proof
c. Easy to use
d. Highly durable
e. Large power output
f. Ideal for special uses

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